Rebel Writers All Wrapped Up in One

Have you heard of the Rebel Writers? They call themselves a group of like-minded

word nerds, but what they really are is a group of self-published and hybrid authors

who have been busting their butts to put out some quality content over the last year.

They are releasing their first compilation and giving you a FREE sneak peek into one

of each of their books.


Description: This book is a compilation of chapters from the authors who make up

The Rebel Writers. The excerpts are not full-length novels and are only intended

to provide samples of multiple stories to expose you to new works. Included are

contemporary romance, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian and paranormal stories.

Regan Claire – Gathering Water

Della was handed a slim folder the day she turned eighteen. Inside it was the name

of her mother and the identity of a family that never tried to pull her from the foster

system she hates. When Della moves across the country to claim the only pieces of

her mother that still remain, she finds herself pulled into an unimaginable world

—one on the brink of war — and it takes everything Della has not to drown in a

destiny she didn’t choose. Can she move past her anger and pain to save the people

she’s come to love, or will her enemies strike before Della has the chance to become

the only weapon capable of destroying them?

Theresa Kay – Dark Expanse

In a world of military space stations, planetary jumps and alien offensives, nineteen-

year-old Eva Braebel’s life has never been easy. She’s small. She’s female. And she

earned the ire of a powerful General at a young age. With hard work and the support

of her friends, she achieves more than she ever dreamed possible: A position as

flight squadron leader and the man who she loves by her side. Eva just got

everything she’s ever wanted, but how long can she keep it?

Caylie Marcoe – Choose Us

Riley Logan and Travis Grayson have been best friends for fifteen years. Riley never

imagined that working as Travis’s personal assistant would land her the job of

undercover spy on a televised dating show meant to find him love. Travis forced her

into it and now the last girl she expected is the one she wants him to choose – her.

Stormy Smith – Bound by Duty

Amelia Bradbury is the last living Elder. She has power she can’t control and has

been forced to hide, while a prophecy dictates her fate even as she fights for a

normal life. She faces a betrothal she can’t stop and, on top of it all, she’s lost her

heart to a human. When the whole truth comes to light, will Amelia choose her duty

or her heart?

Elizabeth Tuttle – Spark of Light

Nearly a century ago the world was decimated by a magical war. In their defeat,

elves were captured by humans, cut off from their magic, and broken down into

lifeless, drone-like slaves. Avery is different. Never completely broken, she must

pretend in order to survive. But when love sparks the light inside Avery, her magic

blooms to full force. It’s only once she is ripped away from this love that Avery finds

herself at The Farm, facing truths she never expected and the possibility that she

could be spark her people need to reignite.

Kat Nichols – Family Secrets

Sophia Morganthal is an orphan that not only found herself flung halfway across the

country to live with relatives she never knew existed, but that those relatives came

from a long line of witches that require her to be initiated into their coven within the

year to prevent a battle for leadership. As Sophia learns more about herself, and

what being initiated into Blackthorne coven really means, she must answer the

ultimate question – would she give up everything for her family?

Download the first volume of Rebel Reads FOR FREE on:





Join the conversation in the Rebel Writers fan group on Facebook.

Are you an aspiring author looking for some support? Consider joining the Rebel

Alliance and we will connect you to other authors of varying levels. Bounce ideas,

ask questions about the industry and the process, share and critique work…the

options are endless for creating your own group of Rebels.


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