Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros


You can purchase this book here: http://tinyurl.com/mhzu258

Author’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaElizabethYarros

Author’s Website: http://www.rebeccaelizabethyarros.com/

How many days to read: less than 24 hours

How many pages: 374

Song most listened to:

I lust Mia Asher’s Arsen and Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless series. I love Wesley from Switched. Who couldn’t swoon over Ridge Lawson? And I adore more than I should Will Cooper from Slammed being that he’s a “fictional character”. But I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Josh Walker.

I without a doubt believe Rebecca Yarros will be my favorite new author of 2015. I should preface this by saying that even though her other novel is currently sitting on my kindle, I have yet to get the chance to read it, so Full Measures is my first of hers but her writing is so beautiful I have no doubt that claim will hold true.

I don’t do military reads. I just don’t. I made the same mistake with Making Faces by Amy Harmon. I would never pull the trigger on reading the book because it focused around guys going off to war and I shy away from such material even in movie form because to be honest it’s just HARD for me to watch or read. As much as I appreciate what trials military families endure, it’s one of those subjects that’s so hard for me to have to swallow, I try to stay away from it all together and not think about it. Because if it was my husband or son, I would be a complete wreck and I know that.

And book boys are easy to swoon over right? They’re usually written so wounded or romantic that it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to fix them or wanting your significant other to be like them and that’s ok. Frankly a lot of times, it’s why we readers read. Josh Walker is such a breath of fresh air. He’s perfectly imperfect. He’s an amazing mix of alpha and beta and if he was real and attached I might just have to become a homewrecker. And he’s only half of the story.

Half way through I had to stop and have this convo with my book bestie:


Then there’s Ember Howard. I adore her. I want to absorb her into my body and pull from her strength. I want to stop and say What Would Ember Howard Do? She is a special type of character that I could read about time after time again.

With that being said, every character in this book is phenomenal. Each one adds such an important value to the story line. They’re all dealing and grieving in their own way and Yarros depicts this in the most perfectly heart wrenching way. Each character written is perfection on paper.

In all honesty, I’m sitting here writing this review just thinking about this book and I’m tearing up. This is one of the most moving books I have read in such a long time it will stick with me in ways I wasn’t even expecting. This book is not just another read but a true gift from Rebecca Yarros.

Her writing is impeccable. Usually I can figure out most elements of the plot but I caught myself saying out loud “WHY DID YOU NOT SEE THAT COMING?” When I read the letter from her dad I had to go into the bathroom and lock the door to get through it without looking like a basket case in front of my family.

I love a read where I can walk away changed and Yarros does just that. I have such a new respect for military families and highlighted words worth reading daily just to keep in mind the important things in life and that’s why Full Measures is such a treasured read.

Fave Quotes:

“You’re giving away all these pieces of yourself, and if you don’t stop, there’s not going to be anything left of who you really are.”

“… I would have wrecked you back then.”…”You’re wrecking me now.” The confession was soft.

“….reminding us that grief had no mercy, time limit, or expiration date.”

“If you love that boy, you don’t get past him. Love is precious…..”

“Thank you for making my life worth living.”


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