Falling Away by Penelope Douglas


You can purchase this book here: http://tinyurl.com/kaqevfz

Author’s Website:  http://www.penelopedouglasauthor.com/

Author’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PenelopeDouglasAuthor

How long to read: not even 24 hours

How many pages: 429

Song most listened to:

I fell in love with the book Bully before I started blogging so I never got around to writing a review. Mistake.

Then I read Until You and it is quite possibly my fave book written from a male POV. But that was before I was blogging as well and I never wrote a review for that one either. Mistake Two.

Then comes Rival. I really consider this the third book of The Falling Away series and when the third one comes around I usually choose to kind of eh, tap out after that one. And Rival did fall a little flat for me and I think that was more because I didn’t feel a connection to Madoc and Fallon like I did with Jared and Tate. And I was seriously iffy about a FOURTH book. Mistake Three.

But let’s be honest, it’s Penelope Douglas and I would read whatever it is she writes because she’s one of my absolute favorites.

Then I heard Falling Away was coming and I did a little sigh. Really? A (what I personally consider) “Fourth” book? Is that at all necessary? A FOURTH BOOK? …I’m establishing a pattern. Mistake Four.

Then I read Falling Away and shut up. Because OHHH MAAAHH GAAAAAAHHHD! This book was nothing, absolutely NOTHING of what I was expecting, and with all the reading that I do, it was like sweet tea on a hot southern day. Refreshing.  Inspiring. It busted through everything I thought about having “another book” in a series and left me with a fire of want for anything/everything that comes next.

But I sat down to really think about why I love this book so much.  And it’s beecause KC and Jax are so broken in such a real way. Because men who have been through situations that Jax has turn out like a Trent NOT like a Grey. And women who have been through what KC has; turn out like KC. Because broken boys become broken men and broken women seem to become more than just another victim but stronger individuals and she perfectly depicts this within the pages of Falling Away. I don’t always walk away with “something” from every book I read and mostly that is because I do read so much but usually it’s simply the author just doesn’t have the skill in writing to convey such a strong storyline but Pen Douglas does just this. There was a line that resonated so much with me I STOPPED and thought it might be one of the most profound things I have read recently and wish it could be plastered around the walls of homes in America like those “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” or “Because two people fell in love” decals. Because real women want their men to be better, act better, treat them better and sadly it does fall on our shoulders a lot of the time to teach broken men this message. Whether it’s by a strong tongue or by simply walking away and showing them what they’ve lost.

Falling Away resonated with me in a way I won’t soon forget. There’s lots of sauce. Lots! Of! Sauce! And a message that everyone needs to read.

And man-oh-man that Aflame teaser at the end has me absolutely stoked about what is coming from Jared and Tate. They are one of my favorite book couples and I am ECSTATIC we get a little bit more of them. And she doesn’t just leave you hanging like most authors. She respects our love of Jared and Tate with letting us know exactly where she’s going with it and I absolutely adore her for it. To me that not only shows respect for your readers but a confidence in your writing that you don’t feel the need to keep your readers in limbo just to play games for the book sales.  AND she has a stand alone coming out this year that I can’t wait to read as well.

I highly recommend following Penelope Douglas on Facebook. Just when you need a little something something she’ll post a convo between Jared/Jax/Madoc that is just pure brilliance. Like free samples of your fave cookie just sitting there waiting to be devoured.

Fave Quotes:

Survival, not suffering.

I read once that the best thing that can happen to a woman is to get her heart broken. Before that, she has no real sense of herself. No real sense of pain because only in love does she know what it’s like to find the one thing that gives her breath and then lose it. After that, she know she can survive.

“Stop being a fucking moron,” I growled, “ and break the cycle, asshole!” <—- Put that on your walls people!


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