How to Hook a Bookworm by Cassie Mae


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Release date: Jan. 2, 2015

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How many pages: 242

How long to read: 24 hours

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I always feel like it’s such a privilege to read a Cassie Mae book because of how good they leave me feeling. How to Hook a Bookworm is no exception. There’s always this level of comfort that comes with reading one of her novels that never fails. HtHaBW was such an incredible read for so many reasons I feel like none of the words that I write will do it justice.

My favorite part of this particular book is the realness of the characters. You’re not reading about rugged good looking trust fund babies. It’s about normal people. People who trip and fall, act completely dorky and drive rusty cars and live in trailers. I love the realness of the story and how it makes it that much more relatable. These characters are people you and I went to school with. Folks we see every day in class or at Walmart. There’s a reality in Cassie Mae’s writing that leaves her readers not only humbled but appreciative to read a story that could just as easily me mine or yours. I love the fact that these are books I can share proudly with my kids. I love that we get to watch these characters grow. I love that they are shouldering real world problems and that the struggle is real, the situations are heartbreaking but they pull through not in grandiose ways that would be unrealistic but in ways that people struggle to do every. Single. Day.

How to Hook a Bookworm was a fantastic book that left me feeling normal. Because I do chat more than I actually text and/or call on the telephone and I get that experience in this book. I adore the way we get to watch Brea mature and change and gain a self confidence in a humbling way. But mostly, I love how this book will stay with me. How it will warm my soul every time I see a Geo or hear the creak of someone’s car door.

And good grief page 154. Every single word. THE WHOLE PAGE. Cassie Mae’s ability to write details almost goes un-trumped. It makes me feel what the characters feel on a whole new level that creates and intimacy between reader and character I find to be unmatched by most authors.

With 20 pages left I had to stop because I just didn’t want this series to be over. I didn’t want to have to say goodbye Adam and Brea, Levi and Sierra, Zoe and Zak. And with 10 pages left, my heart began to race with the possibility that it wasn’t going to end the way that I wanted it to and I was ready to yell at the author. But in true Cassie Mae form, a heartwarming HEA was waiting to mend all the heartache.

Flawless. That’s the word I would use to most describe How to Hook a Bookworm. I loved everything about this story. From how quotable and sweet it is to how to romantic it reads without being cheesy. My heart is a little broken to say goodbye to these characters but I find satisfaction in knowing it ended in the best way possible.

How to Hook a Bookworm is the third book in the How to Series by Cassie Mae. They can all be read as a stand alone but I highly suggest first reading How to Date a Nerd followed by How to Seduce a Band Geek. You won’t be disappointed.

Fave Quotes:

“But I decided that the popularity of something holds no value when I make my choices. I make decisions for me.”

“And my stomach becomes a hive of bees making honey. Warm, busy, much too confusing.”

“ when you leave, I’m not sure if I’ll fall apart or if some of me will go with you.”

“In what way do you love me?” ….. “In every way.”

“I L word you too. Smartass.”


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